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  Nuclear Medicine

Bone Densitometry
Patient Preparation


Computed Tomography (CT SCan)

Digital Mammography



X-Rays Contrast Studies Sonograms CT Scans
  Ches AP/Lat   IVP   Abdominal   Mastoid
  Skull series   Esophagus   Liver   Paranasal Sinus
  Sella Turcica   Barium Swallow   Gallbladder   Internal Auditory Canal
  Paranasal Sinus   UGI Series   Billiary Tree   Pituitary Gland
  Orbit X-Rays   Small Bowel   Spleen   Orbits
  Nasal Bone   Barium Enema   Abdominal Complete   Brain
  Mastoid   Other   Retroperitoreal   Neck
  Facial Bones   Mammography   Renal   Chest
  Temporal Mandibular Joint   Unilateral   Aorta   Abdomen
  Mandible   Bilateral   Pancreas   Pelvic
  Acromionclavicle Joint   Spot Compresion   Neck   Cervical Spine
  Sternoclavicular Joint   Other   Thyroid   Toracic Spine
  Clavicle       Carotids   Lumbar Spine
  Sternum   Vascular   Carotids Doppler X Duplex   W/O Contrast
  Cervical Spine 2 Views       Vertebral Doppler   W/ Contrast
  Cervical Spine 4 Views   Upper Arterial   Obstetrical   Other
  Cervical Spine Complete   Lower Arterial   EGA    
  Toracic Spine   Lower Venous   Complete Fetal Evaluation   MRI Procedure
  Sacrum Coccyx   Arterial Duplex Imaging   Fetal Follow UP   Brain
  Hip Unilateral   Venous Imaging   Biophysical Profile   Spine C__ T__ L__
  Infants Upper Extremities   PVR Complete   Pelvic   Extremities Upper Lower
  Infants Lower Extremities   Transcranial Doppler   Complete Female Pelvic   Shoulder
  KUB   Periorbital Doppler   Bladder   Wrist
  Bone Age   Penil Doppler   Prostate   HIP
  Scapula   Other   Others   Knee
  Pelvic X-Ray   Respiratory Test   testicle   Ankle
  Other   Spirometric Test   breast   Foot
  Ribs L R   Pulmonary Funtion Stress
  Transrectal   W/O Contrast
  Shoulder L R     Transvaginal   W/ Contrast
  Humerus L R   Pulse Oximetry Pre-Post
Oxigen Therapy
  Soft tissue   MRA
  Elbow L R     Others   Other
  Forearm L R   Cardiac   Neurological   Bone Densitometry
  Wrist L R   EKG   Upper NCV   Lumbar
  Hand L R   Echo 2-D mode   Lower NCV   HIP
  Femur L R   Doppler- Color Flow   SSEP   Wrist
  Knee L R   Echo Stress   Baer   Nuclear Medicine
  Tibia L R   Treadmill Stress Test   VER    
  Ankle L R   Holter Monitor   EMG    
  Foot L R   Other   Other    
Digital Medical Diagnostics
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