Digital Medical Diagnostics utilizes the
GE Signa Profile Platinun MRI System. The innovative open-air gantry design of the GE easily accomodates
the most demanding cases with superior image quality
including anxious, claustrophobic and large patients.

Patient Comforts
•  Patient's anxiety subside when they see that the
MRI is open on all four sides.
•  Our compassionate staff focuses on patient's
concerns and anxieties, especially if he or she had a previous negative MRI experience.
•  Face-to-face conversation and headphone free compact disc, tape or radio help ensure patients
remain calm and comfortable throughout the exam.
  Nuclear Medicine

Bone Densitometry
Patient Preparation


Computed Tomography (CT SCan)

Digital Mammography




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The quadrature solenoid head coil and advanced pulse
sequence design provide high resolution images of the brain tissue.
Benefits of an MRI Exam of the Breast

MRI has several potential benefits in helping to investigate breast concerns. An MRI exam allows breast images to be taken in any plane and from any orientation. One particular advantage of MRI is that it is highly sensitive to small abnormalities that can sometimes be missed with other exams. For instance, a mammogram or ultrasound (sonogram) of the breast may reveal breast cancer in one area. However, an MRI of the breast may show that the cancer is in fact multi-focal; small tumors are present in several areas of the breast. Determining the extent of breast cancer with MRI can help indicate treatment: breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy) or breast removal (mastectomy). Mastectomy is indicated if there are multiple tumors.

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Thin slice, small field-of-view acquisitions provide high
resolution images of the anterior and posterior cruciate
ligaments of the knee.

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Imaging of the lumbar spine has taken the place of
myelography. This non-invasive technique provides optimum
visualization of the discs and spinal canal.
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Transverse high-resolution MRI scan of breast and implants. Note the implant twisting on the upper (left) image and the implant valve on the lower (left) image
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